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Seminar "Artificial Intelligence"

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Summer Term 2022


In this seminar, different areas of Artificial Intelligence will be presented through student talks. Through the presentations, we will gain insights into many exciting areas of Artificial Intelligence. Among others, the areas of Automated Reasoning, Commonsense Reasoning, Machine Learning, Explainable AI and Fairness in Artificial Intelligence will be considered.


The seminar is intended for master students in the area of Computer Science, Web Science, and related fields. The seminar will be held in English, and will consist of individual talks of students. Each student will research and prepare one topic in the area of artificial intelligence, will give a presentation (20 minutes presentation time, plus approx. 10 minutes discussion and 5 minutes of feedback) about the topic. The presentation should aim to ensure that all attendees understand the basic idea of the topic presented. In this respect, motivation and examples and not mathematical details should be the focus of the presentation.

At the end of the semester a written paper (10 - 12 pages) on the assigned topic needs to be handed in. The structure of the paper should follow the structure of the presentation, but further elaborate its contents. Papers are not expected to present novel scientific findings but should rather review and contrast existing work.

Seminar participants should have a basic knowledge of Artificial Intelligence, such as that taught in the Artificial Intelligence lecture.


The seminar will be organized as block seminar. Active participation in the discussions after each talk are required to pass the course.

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