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There are several master project themes proposed by other institutes that are suitable for Web & Data Science students:

 Description  (IfI)
 Comparison of Adoption Mechanisms for Enterprise Collaboration Software and Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (IWVI)
 Market analysis of vendors and software solutions in the context of ECS/ECP (IWVI)
 Topics with Linguistic (ICV)
 Recommender (IWVI)
 Social Process Mining (IWVI)
Implemplementation of a microservice for the SoNBO application and the
realization of system-internal communication (SME) (IWVI)
Digitalisation of public (IWVI)
Smart (IWVI)
AI and (IWVI)
Smart (IWVI)
Data (IWVI)
Data (IWVI)
AI and (IWVI)
conceptual design based on enterprise (IWVI)
data-driven policy analysis and (IWVI)
Anomaly Detection based on AI/ (IWVI)
Adversarial Attacks on (IWVI)
Securer AI/ML based Data (IWVI)
Analysis of Covid (IWVI)
Cross data (IWVI)
Please visit this (IWVI)
Please visit this linkProf. Schubert’s group (IWVI)
Domain Name Trading (IfM)
Please visit this (IfI)
ML in Software (Ifi)
Mining Software Repositories (Ifi)
Explainable AI: Testing Grad-CAM (IfM)
System Dynamics and Machine Learning (IfM)
Storytelling with Data: Making Trade Data more informative (IfM)
Detecting Lies with Algorithms: A Literature Review (IfM)
DeepFake Detection in Text (IfM)
The Economy of Deep Learning Software and Infrastructure (IfM)

Please contact the responsible person or visit the institute website for more information.