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Introduction to Web Science

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Winter Term 2012 / 2013

Date  Time  Room  Content 
 2012-10-16  8.15-9.45  B016  Introduction, Definition of Web Science PPT PDF
 2012-10-19  12.15-13.45  G210  History of the Web PPT PDF
 2012-10-23  8.30-10.00  B016  Patterns in Web History PPT PDF
 2012-10-26  12.15-13.45  G210 Web Architecture PPT PDF 
 2012-10-30  10.15-11.45  E016 Web Architecture Part 2 PPT PDF 
 2012-11-02  12.15-13.45  G210 Web Architecture Part 3 PPT PDF 
 2012-11-06  10.15-11.45  E016 Structured Data on the Web PPT PDF 
 2012-11-09  12.15-13.45  G210 Applications of Structured Data: Open Government Data PPT PDF
 2012-11-13 home reading   

All students are expected to read the paper (and be able to answer questions about it): 

pdf S. Staab. Web Science. In: R. Kuhlen, D. Strauch, S. Wolfgang (eds.). Grundlagen der praktischen Information und Dokumentation. 6. Ausgabe – Verlag de Gruyter, Buch in Vorbereitung.

2012-11-16 home reading     continue paper reading
2012-11-20  10.15-11.45  E016 Sick leave
2012-11-23 12.15-13.45 G210 Social Web PPT PDF
2012-11-20  10.15-11.45  E016  User Modeling PPT PDF
2012-11-30 12.15-13.45  G210 User Modeling Part 2 PPT PDF
2012-12-04 10.15-11.45 E016 Micro-interactions and macro-observations (Presented by Klaas Dellschaft) PPT PDF
2012-12-07 12.15-13.45 G210 - previous slide deck continued -
2012-12-11 10.15-11.45 E016  Micro-interactions and macro-observations - Part 2 PPT PDF
2012-12-14 12.15-13.45 G210  - previous slide deck continued -
2012-12-18 10.15-11.45 E016 Micro-macro-implications PPT PDF 
Winter break from 2012-12-20 to 2013-1-6
2013-1-8 10.15-11.45 E016 - previous slide deck continued -
2013-1-11 12.15-13.45 G210 Web Observatory PPT PDF
2013-1-15 10.15-11.45 E016 Trust PPT PDF 
2013-1-18 12.15-13.45 G210 Online Advertising PPT PDF 
2013-1-22 10.15-11.45  E016  Human Computation (Presented by Cristina Sarasua) PPT PDF
2013-1-25 12.15-13.45 G210 Collective Intelligence PPT PDF
2013-1-29 10.15-11.45 E016 Online Communities Teil-a-PDF Teil-b-PPT Teil-b-PDF
2013-2-1 12.15-15.45 G210  


Lecture and Tutorial

The overall module consists of a lecture (2x90 minutes per week) and a corresponding seminar. The seminar provides ample time for discussing specific questions and adding to the topics of the introduction by joint readings and a seminar work. Passing the seminar work is a prerequisite to being admitted to the course exam.

Planned Contents of the Lecture

  • History of the Web
    • Pre-Web: Memex, Hypertext, Internet, usenet, ftp, gopher 
    • Web 1.0, Web 2.0, Web 3.0
    • Social and economic growth
  • Web Science and Web Science Methodologies
    • Descriptive, prescriptive, normative scientific methods:
      • What are descriptions and models of the Web?
      • What are the prerequisities for specific objectives (e.g. no government by single institution)?
    • Quantitative analytical and predictive methods
    • Simulation
  • Web Architecture and Major Applications
    • http, HTML, Internet, web server, browser, transactions
    • User generated content, blogs, wikis, folksonomies, social networks
    • Semantic Web summary: XML, RDF, OWL, microformats, microdata
    • Web security
  • Web Government
    • Institutions: W3C, IETF, ICANN; Akash Kapur. Internet Governance - A Primer. Wikibooks.
    • Government: Privacy laws, Copyright laws
    • Principles and attacks: net neutrality, censorship
    • The case of Syrian Internet Army
  • Web Content
    • Media and standards
    • Language and cultural diversity
    • Generative models o Rhethoric models in the Web
    • Web annotations (Tagging, metadata, Rich Snippets)
  • Web and User Behavior/HCI
    • Navigation behavior
    • Search behavior
    • Recommendations
  • Web and Social Behavior
    • Web reflecting social behavior
    • Web affecting social behavior
  • Web Structure
    • Link Structure, small world
    • Social network sites
    • Blogosphere
  • • Web Analysis
    • Web measurements (size, performance,?)
    • Crawlers
    • Search engines
    • Web archiving
  • Web Economics
    • Advertisement, including cross site advertisements and
    • search
    • Auctioning in search and online auctions


Tim-Berners Lee, Wendy Hall, James A. Hendler, Kieron O'Hara, Nigel Shadbolt and Daniel J. Weitzner, A Framework for Web ScienceFoundations and Trends in Web Science, ISBN: 1-933019-33-6 144 pp, September 2006 (Open PDF from within university)

Sofia Al Amine, Stephane Bazan, Sabrine Saad, Tesfa Addis, Lorraine Etienne and Christophe Henri Varin: Infowar in Syria: The Web between Liberation and Repression In: Proc. WebSci 2012, Evanston, June 2012, pp. 11-16. See below for Proceedings.

Proc. WebSci 2012, Evanston, June 2012, PDF.

Akash Kapur. Internet Governance - A Primer. Wikibooks.

Michalis Vafopoulos. The Web Economy: Goods, Users, Models, and Policies. Foundations and Trends in Web Science 3(1-2), Now Publishers, 2012,


Brief History of the Web