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Seminar "Knowledge Representation in the Semantic Web"

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Winter Term 2014 / 2015

The Semantic Web is an extension of today's WWW that allows the automatic retrieval, processing, aggregation, and usage of information on the Web. One core aspect of the Semantic Web is the formal representation of knowledge that is necessary in order to allow machines to read and use the knowledge. In this seminar we will focus on these knowledge representation aspects of the Semantic Web and discuss different knowledge representation formalisms and approaches to utilize those. Besides standardized languages such as RDF and OWL we will have a closer look on more advanced languages such as description logics with uncertainty and logic programming approaches.

Seminar topics

  1. Foundations of Description Logics
  2. RDF and OWL
  3. Modularization of Ontologies
  4. Large-scale Reasoning with OWL
  5. Logic Programming and Description Logics
  6. Non-monotonic Description Logics
  7. Large-scale Non-Monotonic Reasoning
  8. Probabilistic Description Logics
  9. Fuzzy Description Logics
  10. The Argument Interchange Format


Introductory meeting: 29.10.2014 10:15 (room D.116)

Seminar date (block): 02.03. 09:15-17:45, 03.03. 09:15-17:45 (room B.016)


In order to participate in the seminar you have to attend the introductory meeting on 29.10.2014 10:15 (see above).

Participants are required to give a presentation (30 minutes) on one of the above topics. After the seminar a technical report (12 pages) is to be submitted that elaborates on the seminar topic.

Seminar - Seminar: Knowledge Representation in the Semantic Web

Veranstaltungsnummer: 04648

Dozent(in) Matthias Thimm
  • Mo 9.00-18.00; ab 02.03.15 - 02.03.15
    B 016, KO Gebäude B
  • Di 9.00-18.00; ab 03.03.15 - 03.03.15
    B 016, KO Gebäude B


  • Alumnus
  • B 108
  • +49 261 287-2715