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Projektpraktikum Nahverkehrskarte / Project Practical Open Traffic Map

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Winter Term 2014 / 2015

This winter term, the Institute for Web Science and Technologies (WeST) again offers a great project practical ("Projektpraktikum").
In the project, you have the unique chance of developing a web-based smartphone application which maps public transport in Koblenz and other cities in Germany.
It will include a search for visualising the closest bus stations and departure times given a destination.
In addition, the problem of forecasting delays (e.g. modelling traffic and the number of passengers) will be tackled.
As a web based application using HTML and Javascript, it will be running as an application on all smartphones - however, the dedicated goal is to deploy an application for Firefox OS (which is completely free software).


Date Slides / Material
23.10. Slides Pre-Meeting
04.11. Notizen 04.11.
18.11. Presentations
25.11. Existing Applications, Planning, Firefox OS


Date Room
04.11., 16-18 A120
18.11., 16-18 A 120
25.11., 16-18 A120