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Machine Learning and Data Mining

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Winter Term 2015 / 2016

Welcome to the website of Machine Learning and Data Mining course.

On this page, we want to provide you with the most important information and course material for the course. Here, we publish slides for lectures and tutorials, exercises and home assignments. You can simply sync this Github repository for always being up-to-date and having access to all course materials!


Lectures take place every week on Wednesdays, 10 a.m. in room H 010. The following agenda is a first layout and may change during the course.


Tutorials take place about every two weeks on Friday, 12.00h in room M 001. The exact dates are:


Home assignments are mandatory and to be solved in groups of 2-3 participants. You must complete at least 5 of the 6 home assignments to be admitted to the final exam.

  • 1. Home Assignment: Solution
    Submit at latest by 10th of November
  • 2. Home Assignment: Solution
    Submit at latest by 25th of November
  • 3. Home Assignment: Task Solution
    Submit at latest by 16th of December
  • 4. Home Assignment: Task Reddit test Reddit train
    Submit at latest by 14th of January
  • 5. Home Assignment: Task
    Submit at latest by 27th of January
  • 6. Home Assignment: Task Solution
    Submit at latest by 15th of February


Recommended Literature

  • T. Mitchell: "Machine Learning", 1997
  • J. Han, M. Kamber, J. Pei: "Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques", 2011
  • I. Witten, E. Frank, M. Hall: "Data Mining: Practical Machine Learning Tools and Techniques", 2011
  • C. Bishop: "Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning", 2008
  • M. Ester, J. Sander: "Knowledge Discovery in Databases: Techniken und Anwendungen", 2013 (german language)

More literature can be found in the lecture slides


The course will be coached by the following persons:

For inquiries please consult the newsgroup! (.infko.mldm)