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Seminar "Datascience"

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Winter Term 2016 / 2017

The goal of this seminar is to learn how to tell stories based on data. We will look at examples from academia, industry and journalism and learn best practices.

Students will apply datascience methods to real world data and create a compelling story based on the data. This story will be presented at the end of the semester.



26th of Oct: Introdcution to Storytelling with Data
3th of Nov: Examples of good data stories
9th of Nov: Students present data stories they found
7th of Dec: Data Story Proposals
14th of Dec: Data Story Proposals (Group Formation)
11th of Jan: QA class
25th of Jan: QA class
15th of Feb: final presentations
22th of Feb: final presentations

Some starting points to look for datastories (Exercise 1):

Some resources to look for datasets (Exercise 2):

Things we will watch & discuss:

Please register in KLIPS: Veranstaltungsnummer 0462936

Veranstaltung - Seminar "Datascience"

Dozent(in) JProf. Dr. Claudia Wagner
  • Mi 14.00-16.00
  • Room F 313


  • Alumnus