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Introduction to Web Science

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Winter Term 2020 / 2021


  • Oct 26, 2020: Please watch the Organisational Introduction, it contains detailed information on the course format. Note that all further screencasts will be published in OLAT.
  • Oct 29, 2020: We changed the maximal number of students allowed in a group to 4 and added a deadline to constructed groups (Deadline: 15th November, 2020).
  • Nov 4, 2020: We will use Microsoft Teams for our Q&A session. Please make sure, that you can access our meeting room beforehand. We will use the following room: Teams Meeting Room
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Study Material

Important Information


This course is offered as an online course. New lectures (slides and screencasts) are published every week (Wednesday). Please register of the coure in OLAT in order to receive notifications of new material. Video lectures are published at Panopto.


In order to obtain ECTS-Credits, you need to both gain admission to the exam and you need to pass the exam. The exam is passed if you obtain a score of at least 50% in it.


We will publish 10 assignment sheets. Students should team up in groups of 1-4 and must reach 60% of the points. We will publish a video solution of each assignment wednesdays. Please join a group in TEAMS! TEAMS link, by 15th November, 2020 24:00 CEST.

The assignments must be done by everyone in the group. The assignments should be handed in a pdf format with all valid source code and graphs if necessary. Assignments will be treated in-complete if any part of the solution is missing. Students need to accomplish at least 60% of the total scores in assignments in order to attend the final exam. Plagiarism is strictly forbidden and will result in disqualification from the final exam, of both sides of the plagiarism (copying and being copied).


The SVN repository to submit your assignments is:
Replace GROUPNAME with your group name in lower case letters. ( Example: )
Please remember to have your assignments in different folders under "solutions".

Last Year Students

Students who previously failed the exam of "Introduction to Web Science" can directly appear for the examination this semester (actually they are obliged to participate in the exam). However, it is advisable to participate in the course and the tutorials.
Students who have mastered assignments such that they gained admission to participate in last year's exam, but did not register for last year's exam, have to earn admission anew.


  • The course will be held online.
  • There will be Q&A session at 11:00 CEST, mondays.
  • The deadline of each assignment will be 24:00 CEST, tuesdays.
  • We will publish news lecture unit, new assignment, and tutorial video each wednesday.

The detail information about the course units as follows:

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Week Date Topic
1 26-Octv-2020
Organisational Introduction
1 04-Nov-2020
Introductory Session
2 11-Nov-2020 Ethernet
11-Nov-2020 Internet Protocol
3 18-Nov-2020 TCP
18-Nov-2020 DNS
4 25-Nov-2020 Internet vs WWW
25-Nov-2020 HTTP
5 2-Dec-2020 Web Content
2-Dec-2020 Dynamic Web Content
6 9-Dec-2020 How big is the web
9-Dec-2020 Descriptive Models
7 16-Dec-2020 Advanced Statistical Models
16-Dec-2020 Modeling Similarity
8 13-Jan-2021 Generative Modelling of Web
13-Jan-2021 Graph Theoretic Web Modelling
9 20-Jan-2021
Paper reading/writing
Meme Spreading
11 27-Jan-2021 Herding Behaviour
27-Jan-2021 Online Advertisement 
12 03-Feb-2021 Copyright
03-Feb-2021 Misinformation A
13 10-Feb-2021 Misinformation B, Summary


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