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Introduction to Web Science

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Winter Term 2022 / 2023

Module Aims

This module aims to introduce students to the socio-technical processes that underly the Web. Students will learn to set up their own Internet and Web systems based on the core technologies Ethernet, TCP/IP, HTML, CSS, Web-based and server-based scripting, and DNS. The will be able to understand, model and analyse the development of social Web systems. The module focuses on challenges and opportunities incurred in this system to the technical, social and economical foundations of the Web. Students will be able to do research in Web Science being capable of choosing different research methods suitable for various challenges in understanding and engineering the Web.

Learning Methods

This year, we employ blended learning as an approach to learning and teaching. This means that we will grant access to pre-recorded lecture material via OLAT, as well as provide opportunities for interaction with our tutors and student peers during the tutorial sessions. We will release new learning materials each week.


Students are expected to independently engage with the online lecture materials as well as complete weekly group assignments. The assignments will be disussed during weekly tutorial sessions. In order to complete the module (8 ECTS), students first have to pass a threshold‚ score in these weekly exercises, which then qualifies them to sit the final exam. The threshold to pass the exam is 50%.


The module is available to students enrolled in various programmes offered by Fachbereich 4. For further details on eligibility and on how to enrol, we refer to KLIPS. OLAT will be used for sharing learning materials and for further module-related communication.


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