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What Did My Users Experience? Discovering Visual Stimuli of Dynamic User Interfaces

26.11.20. In this talk, we propose a semi-automated approach for determining visual stimuli and delineating them from each other, such that user responses may be properly grouped according to the stimuli the users encountered, execute our visual stimuli discovery on recordings of real-world Web sites and systematically evaluate its outcomes. [read more...]

Edge Formation and its Influence on Machine Learning

19.11.20. In this talk I will focus on my most recent work where I study the influence of edge formation on ranking algorithms. [read more...]

Algorithms for the Forgetting-Based Inconsistency Measure

12.11.20. This takl is aimed to find algorithms to compute one particular inconsistency measure: The Forgetting-Based Inconsistency Measure. [read more...]

The translation of natural speech into first-order logic formulas using pre-trained language models

05.11.20. In this paper, we try to fine-tune language models on the task of generating first-order logic formulas from a given input sentence in natural language. [read more...]

Representing Evolving Knowledge Graphs through Incremental Embeddings

29.10.20. Incremental Knowledge Graph Embedding tackle the issue of evolving knowledge graphs. Up to now, there is no benchmark in the literature to assess such techniques appropriately. I developed a evaluation framework in my thesis and compiled a first benchmark dataset called WikidataEvolve which I want to share with you in this presentation. [read more...]

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