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SAT-based Algorithms for Inconsistency Measurement

18.01.21. Several inconsistency measures can be reduced to the satisfiability problem of propositional logic (SAT), for which many high-performance solvers have been developed already. This talk concerns itself with the development of SAT encodings for a number of inconsistency measures in order to use the existing solvers. [read more...]

Research Lab EYEWORD: Eye tracking in word processing

17.12.20. In this research lab we build a web based application that is fully functional with eye based gesture. And out of many methods for eye typing out there, three prominent eye typing methods were particularly picked and implemented for this research lab which are (dwell, gesture and swipe) keyboards based. [read more...]

Type-safe Programming for the Semantic Web

10.12.20. Graph-based data formats are flexible in representing data. In particular semantic data models, where the schema is part of the data, gained traction and commercial success in recent years. Semantic data models are also the basis for the Semantic Web---a Web of data governed by open standards in which computer programs can freely access the provided data. This talk is concerned with the correctness of programs that access semantic data. [read more...]

What Did My Users Experience? Discovering Visual Stimuli of Dynamic User Interfaces

26.11.20. In this talk, we propose a semi-automated approach for determining visual stimuli and delineating them from each other, such that user responses may be properly grouped according to the stimuli the users encountered, execute our visual stimuli discovery on recordings of real-world Web sites and systematically evaluate its outcomes. [read more...]

Edge Formation and its Influence on Machine Learning

19.11.20. In this talk I will focus on my most recent work where I study the influence of edge formation on ranking algorithms. [read more...]

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