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Implementing and testing an AI using the Monte Carlo Tree Search method for imperfect information trick-tacking games, like Witches and Wizard

22.10.20. The goal of this thesis is to evaluate the Monte Carlo Tree Search method for imperfect information games, like Witches and Wizard. [read more...]

Approximate Inference for Assumption-based Argumentation in AI

15.10.20. This presentation is to illustrate the motivation, the goal of the research and methods to approximation inference as a way that selecting samples from potential arguments over a query to reduce the time with the cost of slightly low accuracy. [read more...]

Metaheuristic optimization in formal argumentation

08.10.20. The goal of this talk is to develop and implement Simulated Annealing and Tabu Search, two Metaheuristic optimization algorithms for problems faced in formal argumentation [read more...]

Shot Detection in Screencasts of Web Browsing with Convolutional Neural Networks

25.09.20. Bachelor thesis defense. [read more...]

An Ontology Repository and Service for Biodiversity: Challenges and Opportunities

24.09.20. The GFBio Terminology Service (TS) is an ontology repository and service developed to address the needs of the biodiversity and ecology community in term of semantic integration and discovery. In this talk, Naouel will address the technical requirements of such a repository in the context of the GFBio project, a national platform providing data management and archiving solutions for biodiversity and ecology related projects. [read more...]

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