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The Social Media Audience of Diplomatic Conflict in Foreign Policy: History, Politics, and Domestic Polarization

06.08.20. We examine communities of Twitter users interested in particular foreign countries and explore how these communities respond to diplomatic events with the country. [read more...]

Challenges in interpreting the outcome of political text classification; A study on the US Congress

30.07.20. This article studies the partisanship status in US congress between 2005 and 2017. Besides, it evaluates the use of party affiliation as an ideology classification method. [read more...]

A Quick Overview of Data Provenance

23.07.20. In this talk will give a quick overview of three noteworthy examples of approaches that deal with tracking of provenance through query and programming operations. [read more...]

Algorithms for the Forgetting-Based Inconsistency Measure

17.07.20. In the course of my short presentation I will explain what it means for a knowledge base to be consistent or inconsistent, what the forgetting operation is and how it can be used to measure inconsistency and lastly what the broad idea behind the algorithm i am currently trying to implement is. [read more...]

Metaheuristic optimization on formal argumentation

09.07.20. The task of finding extensions that fulfill certain semantics in argumentation frameworks is NP-hard. We try to apply metaheuristic optimization algorithms to find near optimal solutions to this problem in an acceptable time. [read more...]

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