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Metaheuristic optimization on formal argumentation

09.07.20. The task of finding extensions that fulfill certain semantics in argumentation frameworks is NP-hard. We try to apply metaheuristic optimization algorithms to find near optimal solutions to this problem in an acceptable time. [read more...]

Analyzing the coronavirus' impact on (social) media: a tale how sociologists and computer scientists work together

02.07.20. This is a tale of a team of sociologists and a computer scientist that try to work together to analyze how this impact manifested itself in (social) media. [read more...]

Visualisierung von Transitionen zwischen und auf Webseiten für Usability-Studien mit Eyetracking

26.06.20. Bachelor thesis defense. [read more...]

An embedded, ontology-based auto-completion for SPARQL

26.06.20. Bachelor thesis defense. [read more...]

Integrating Feedforward Design into a Generative Network to Synthesize Supplementary Training Data for Object Classification

25.06.20. This work implements a technique called feedforward design which is an alternative to the backpropagation algorithm to account for a lack of training data. [read more...]

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