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NASTY Advanced Search Tweet Yielder v0.1

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Lukas Schmelzeisen

In recent years, Tweets have become in important resource in many research areas, e.g., social studies or language modeling. While Twitter does provide an API to access Tweets, much desired functionality is either hidden behind rate limits, pay walls, or not available at all. This talk introduces the first public version of the new tool NASTY which uses Twitter’s public web interface to implement three ways to retrieve Tweets: (1) finding Tweets containing specific keywords and potentially applying restrictions by author, date, type, and language; (2) finding all Tweets replying to a specific other Tweet; and (3) finding all Tweets in a Twitter-thread. The output format is fully-compatible with the official Twitter API (sometimes even more information is available). We will go over the available functionality, discuss technical challenges and compare to previous alternatives.

05.12.19 - 10:15
B 016