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GazeTheWeb - Tweet with your eyes

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Eye tracking Praktikum students

Writing an application that offers eye tracking support for a common social media platform was the goal of the research lab “Eye-tracking” (WS 15/16). The platform of choice was Twitter and this talk will introduce the application “GazeTheWeb – Tweet” with its functionalities as well as the evaluation to evaluate the usability of proposed system

Participants: Svenja Neuneier, Dennis Hahn, Caterine Ospina Ocampo, Sergei Diez, Saskia Handabura, Kim Ballmes, Wojciech Kwasnik, Benjamin Stephan, Eike Idczak, Matthias Barde, Annika Wießgügel, Philipp Weber

12.05.16 - 10:15
B 016