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TGSBoard: Touch and Gaze Sensitive Keyboard for Dwell-free Text

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Ramin Hedeshy

Gaze-based text entry systems have been an important means of communication for people with motor disabilities. Although several dwell-time and dwell-free tools have been developed to facilitate the process of gaze-based text entry, still the typing speed is quite slow and the cognitive load is rather high. Moreover, most previous methods are developed only based on gaze and fixations sequence. However, these methods can result in lengthy amounts of time for typing. Besides, users cannot always perfectly gaze at every key in many cases. In this thesis, we propose TGSBoard an onscreen keyboard that combines the simplicity and accuracy of touch inputs with the speed of eye typing by gaze swiping to provide efficient and comfortable dwell-free text entry. TGSBoard uses the gaze path information to compute candidate words and allows explicit activation of common text entry commands, such as selection, deletion, and revision by using touch gestures. We have investigated the usability of TGSBoard and compared its performance with three other methods, namely Dwell-time, EyeSwipe, and Touch+Gaze. Two lab studies were conducted. In the first study, 12 novice users achieved an average text entry rate of 15.40 WPM, 8.82 WPM, and 8.47 WPM with TGSBoard, Eyeswipe, and Dwell-time, respectively. The maximum typing speed achieved with TGSBoard, EyeSwipe, and Dwell-time were, respectively, 30.76 WPM, 17.73 WPM, and 15.31 WPM. In the second study, assessing TGSBoard against Touch+Gaze, TGSBoard yielded a mean text entry rate of 13.64 WPM in comparison with the Touch+Gaze achieving 9.55 WPM. Participants subjectively considered TGSBoard to be more comfortable and faster than other methods. These results demonstrate that our method of integrating gaze and touch inputs can be an effective text entry method and is robust to unintended selections.

18.06.19 - 16:15
B 233