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Ranked Programming

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Dr. Tjitze Rienstra

While probabilistic programming is a powerful tool, uncertainty is not always of a probabilistic kind. Some types of uncertainty are better captured using ranking theory, which is an alternative to probability theory where uncertainty is measured using degrees of surprise on the integer scale from 0 to ∞. Here we combine probabilistic programming methodology with ranking theory and develop a ranked programming language. We use the Scheme programming language a basis and extend it with the ability to express both normal and exceptional behavior of a model, and perform inference on such models. Like probabilistic programming, our approach provides a simple and flexible way to represent and reason with models involving uncertainty, but using a coarser-grained and computationally simpler kind of uncertainty.This talk is based on a paper that was accepted for presentation at IJCAI 2019, which will take place in August in Macau.

18.07.19 - 10:15
B 017