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Evaluating OpenStreetMap and Open Geodata in the SemGIS Project

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Timo Homburg

In the context of the SemGIS project we are in need of data that fulfils the requirements we need to fulfil the usecases of our project partners. Currently, we would like to rely on OpenData only in order to find make predictions in our usecases of disaster management and energy. However, as with many open data sets, we face the problem of a lack of quality annotations and provenance information. Together with the Federal office for cartography and geodesy we are therefore approaching an evaluation of OpenStreetMap data in comparison to official data provide by the Federal office. This talk will highlight how we intend to automatically match Open geodata provided by the Federal Office for cartography and geodesy and other data providers with OpenStreetMap data. Subsequently some of the quality metrics available to rate both OpenStreetMap and open geodata will be discussed and the availability of provenance data in both cases will be shown. Further aspects of the talk include the temporal as- pects of quality analysis of OSM data vs. OpenData, the differences in properties of OpenData vs. OpenStreetMap data as well as the predictability of accuracy of OpenStreetMap data in the future. The attribution of quality attributes to certain actors or other circumstances will be briefly addressed as well. The last part of the talk will show a prototype which shows the current progress of im- plementation of the aforementioned aspects and provides a comparison screen for further evaluations.

19.01.17 - 10:15
B 016