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Quantitative Deadlock Analysis in Petri Nets

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Elina Unruh

Petri Nets are often used to analyze and improve workflows and to check procedures. A special area of interest is the detection of possible deadlocks. In most cases, it is only determined whether a deadlock can occur, in order to eliminate or avoid it. For this, it is necessary to manipulate the behavior of the net, and thus change it. A so far little considered question is how the severity of the potential to encounter a deadlock can be formally investigated and assessed, without altering the net. This could be useful, for example, to assess and compare systems and processes. In a naive approach, the exhaustive calculation of all possible states of the net would be necessary to check in how many of them a deadlock occurs. This is not reasonable in most cases due to the exponential complexity. In my thesis, I developed approaches to approximate the termination potential of an ordinary marked Petri Net through structural analysis by exploiting the similarities of the problem and inconsistency measurement.

28.01.21 - 10:15
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