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SemGIS Project Update and current developments

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Timo Homburg

In geographic information systems (GIS), heterogenous data can be seen as amajor obstacle for a project-oriented integration. Usually data has to be inte-grated into a single system and conversion mechanisms have to be implemented. Additionally, if data needs to be kept updated within this integrated system, the need for a continous updating process is crucial. Last year in June, the SemGIS project was launched to investigate how the integration of heterogenous geospatial data can be realized using a broker ontology and how to utilize geospatial data in the domain of disaster management. Insights from the workflows of the projects cooperation partners, as well as new categorizations of risk data shaped the way of the project in the recent months. This talk will explain the current developments in the SemGIS project, highlighting the current structure of its broker ontology, problems of integrating special kinds of geospatial data, the different domains which have been included and further approaches being undertaken in the next phase of the project.

31.03.16 - 10:15
B 016